Getting from here to there

“Spring is the time of plans and projects.” I wish I’d written those words, but I have to be honest – it was, in fact, Leo Tolstoy in “Anna Karenina”. The masterful Russian storyteller was certainly right: Anything seems possible in the spring, doesn’t it?

One project that seems to cross a lot of people’s minds in springtime is moving on to a new home. Whether your dreams involve buying, selling – or both – count me in. I can offer advice on pricing, financing, neighborhoods, and whatever other concerns you have about getting from here to there. As your local agent, I’m here to help.

‘Letting go’ as a seller

A key piece of advice that I share with my clients is when you’re thinking about selling your home, approach it as if you are selling “merchandise.” That way, your head can make the decisions that perhaps your heart isn’t eager to tackle.

Believe it or not, this is one of the best strategies a seller can adopt upfront: You have to start the letting-go process as early as possible. But believe me, I know it’s more complicated than that; it’s more than a matter of dollars and cents.

For most of us, our homes are hard to separate from our lives. That’s why you need a partner in this sale who speaks two languages: Head and heart. As your local agent, I understand there is no place like home and I’m here to help.

New 7-11 Store Coming To Fairway Park Area

I’m not sure if the residents of the Fairway Park and Fairway Greens area know but we are getting a 7-11 Store. I’m not sure the open date, but construction is under way at the 76 Station located at Mission Blvd and Garin Ave.

Competition seems to be heating up and the Chevron across the street appears to be doing a remodel as well. Let’s hope the gas station competition leads to lower gas prices at the pump as well.

I’ve lived in the area for 10 years, and it will be nice to have a close by 7-11 when I need that Cherry Slurpee and nacho’s with extra cheese fix. Let’s hope as the warmer weather get’s here, the Slurpees start flowing…

Foreclosure Numbers

The foreclosure figures continue to drop which points to a stabilizing market.  In November of 2012 1 in every 433 housing units found itself in foreclosure in the 94544 zip code.  That number is 1 in every 709 housing units.  Equity is up and more traditional sales have found themselves back in vogue.  The Fairway Park Area is a sought after area in Hayward, let me know when you are ready to sell and cash in on the rise in values, the spring home selling season is here…

Los Banos Home for Sale!!!

This home is a great opportunity to own in Los Banos.  831 Mesa Court is a two story home located on a large lot.  This home is set up for backyard entertaining including a covered patio.  The kitchen has many upgrades including stainless steel range, granite counter tops, and tile backsplash.  The master suite is located downstairs with 2 bedrooms and a loft space considered a 4th bedroom on county records.  The master bathroom is missing sink and shower, but all the better to make your own!  Contact me with any questions about this great opportunity in Los Banos.